Tours from  La Ceiba to Leon

Leon Tous

Tours from  La Ceiba to Leon

Make your passport stamp from Honduras worth visiting different places on your way to León, Nicaragua with our shuttle from  La Ceiba in two days.

We offer you a very personalized tour with an English speaking driver but we also can teach you Spanish in those two or more days that you will spend with us.

This tour helps you to explore Honduras mainland on your way to León visiting the D&D Brewery which is the number one place to spend a night in Honduras and also Pulhapanzak the biggest waterfall in Honduras on the first day.
On the second day we will go kayaking on the only lake we have in Honduras and we will also visit Cerro Azul National Park, an ever green cloud forest, for a 4 hours hike before heading to Leon.
We depart to Nicaragua after having a very local lunch arriving in Leon around 11pm.


Take the morning ferry from Utila or Roatan and we will take you to the D&D Brewery near our lake (Lago de Yojoa).
Visit to the amazing Pulhapanzak waterfall. Here you we will be able to do the behind the waterfall tour.
We spend the night at the D&D Brewery, a beautiful, peaceful hotel where they craft their own beer
Kayaking in Lago de Yojoa
Cloud forest hiking in Cerro Azul Meambar National Park
We depart to Nicaragua around 1pm and we arrive in Leon around 11pm

What is included

Pick up at the ferry dock in La Ceiba. Pulhapanzak National Park entry fee. Behind the waterfall tour. Accommodation at D&D Brewery Cerro Azul National Park entry fee. Shuttle from Honduras to Leon, Nicaragua.

What is not included

Drinks at D&D Brewery Meals
Next tours to Leon scheduled
We will depart from La Ceiba to Leon on
October 14th/, October 30th
Pay with credit / debit card

After you click on the Buy Now button you will be able to choose how many people will be doing the tour through Honduras on your way to Leon.
You can send us an email at [email protected] to confirm the date you want to do the tour.
PayPal – The safer, easier way to pay online!
Want to travel on a different day?
We need 4 people to do the trip, send us an email to WhatsApp +50487631410 to see if there is other people wanting to go.

One way ticket: US$110.00 per person.

Daily shuttles from La Ceiba to Leon

leon shuttle

Daily shuttles from La Ceiba to Leon

We pick you up at the ferry dock and depart a 9:30 AM. Travel time usually takes 14 hours. If you need a hostel when arriving in Leon we will be happy to book one for you.  Book online and save $50.00 per person

Leon shuttle

Daily Shuttle to Leon

Guacamyos Backpackers Hotel

We now have daily shuttle from La Ceiba to Leon.  We pick you up at the ferry dock  or your hostel. Take advantage of our special promotion when you book online. If your group is larger than 10 please contact us for special pricing.

Book you seat today

La Ceiba to Leon

Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon August 7th 2017

shuttle la ceiba to leon

Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon August 7th 2017

There will be a special shuttle from La Ceiba ferry dock  to Leon Nicaragua at a super special price of 45 USD per person. Book now and take advantage of the special promo, if you pay via PayPal save a additional 5 dollars

Guacamayos shuttle Service to Leon Guacamayos shuttle Service to Leon Guacamayos shuttle Service to Leon


Extra shuttle from Leon to La Ceiba

shuttle la ceiba to leon

Due to the increase in demand we are adding a additional bus from La Ceiba to Leon La Ceiba. This will run every Monday Wednesday and Fridays. Contact us for additional information.


shuttle leon to utila

Summer is here, and we are full

Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

Good day all,

Just a FYI we are currently in high season for the next two months and most of all our seats are already booked. We apologize for ay inconvenience as renting a extra bus during this season is extremely difficult.


Important Nicaragua Immigration Update

Important Nicaragua Immigration Update

If you are a Traveler from or  visitor from one the following countries:

  • Panama
  • Colombia
  • Argentina
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Brasil
  • Bolivia
  • Ecuador
  • Venezuela
  • French Guyana
  • Continental Africa

You will need a international certificate of vaccination for yellow fever if you wish to enter Nicaragua. You must receive the vaccination 10 days prior of entry for it to be valid. Click for more info


Nicaraguan Immigration

Easiest bus from La Ceiba, Honduras to Leon, Nicaragua

Guacamayos shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

The easiest bus from La Ceiba, Honduras to Leon?

You just found it!

We depart three time a week and a low cost of $35.00. Our bus has cold A/C DVD movies and WiFi when available. Our driver stops whenever you request a break and helps you with the immigration procedures leaving Honduras and entering Nicaragua.

Why pay more? With your saving you can stay a few extra days in Leon or have a nice dinner.

Book your trip with us and enjoy your savings in Leon

Shuttle from Leon to La Ceiba Shuttle from Leon to La Ceiba



Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

Another trip from La Ceiba to Leon. We leave every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays to Leon. Book your trip online or pay at our sales points in Utila.

Please remember that the taxi from the ferry to the Hostel to catch the bus is not included. We are working on able to get to pick you up directly at the dock.

Also note that there is no cost to leave Honduras but you will pay 12 USD to enter Nicaragua. you passport is not stamped, you will receive a Tourist Card. Please do not lose it or you will be fined.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us

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