Daily Shuttle to Leon

Guacamyos Backpackers Hotel

We now have daily shuttle from La Ceiba to Leon.  We pick you up at the ferry dock  or your hostel. Take advantage of our special promotion when you book online. If your group is larger than 10 please contact us for special pricing.

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La Ceiba to Leon

Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

Another trip from La Ceiba to Leon. We leave every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays to Leon. Book your trip online or pay at our sales points in Utila.

Please remember that the taxi from the ferry to the Hostel to catch the bus is not included. We are working on able to get to pick you up directly at the dock.

Also note that there is no cost to leave Honduras but you will pay 12 USD to enter Nicaragua. you passport is not stamped, you will receive a Tourist Card. Please do not lose it or you will be fined.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us

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Overnight shuttle from La Ceiba to Leon, why?

Guacamayos shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

Why take a overnight shuttle from La Ceiba to Leon? I am sure you asking this yourself now that I mentioned it. The number one reason is your safety. In Nicaragua they do like their horses and at night they seem to like to wander.  Number two, as much as our competitor thinks sleeping in a bus is fine, you can never sleep well unless you travel first class like a airline.  Travel in the day, enjoy the scenery.

Arrive in Leon just in time for the great nightlife there. sleep in a comfy bed in the many great hostels you will find in Leon. In the morning, fully rested, go out and enjoy all that Leon has to offer

Here at Guacamayos shuttle service, you satisfaction and safety come first. 

As always a service that ends with new friends and some smiles.

Guacamayos shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

Promotion La Ceiba to Leon only $35.00!

Guacamayos shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

Hi all,

To kick off the start of the holidays we are offering a very special promotion, our version of Black Friday! For this week only the shuttle to Leon from La Ceiba and Utila is only 35.00 USD. Book now and save $$$$$$. This promotion also applies from Leon to La Ceiba and Utila. Contact us to book your shuttle now! 

Not going to Leon, need a shuttle bus to somewhere else? Call or contact us for a quote

Guacamayos shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

Guacamayos Shuttle Service Promotions

León Nicaragua at night
Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon
Satisfied Passengers

Guacamayos Shuttle Service promotions for November December

La Ceiba to Leon 40.00 USD

La Ceiba to Antigua 40.00 USD

León to La Ceiba 40.00 USD

Antigua to La Ceiba 40.00 USD

Utila to Leon 40.00 USD + ferry cost

León to Utila 40.00 USD + ferry cost

All prices are per person

León Nicaragua at night

How to get to Utila & La Ceiba from Leon

Shuttle Utila to Leon

How to get to Utila or La Ceiba from Leon? I get asked that question a lot. There are a few ways some more expensive than other. Each has its pros and cons I’ll go thru them in a minute. Before I go thru the list I just want to clear some misconcepciones a lot of tourists have about Honduras. Yes it is a bit more dangerous the Nicaragua, but if you stay in the tourist areas you will be fine. Also take cabs, they are cheap especially in La Ceiba. Remember it is better to Prevent than Lament!

Chicken Bus 

It’s cheap, you get to see the countryside but it takes forever and you will have to either overnight in Tegucigalpa or San Pedro Sula. 

Coach Bus

You get to see the countryside, less stops and some have A/C and TV. More expensive depending on the quality of the bus and depending on the time you might have to overnight in Tegucigalpa or San Pedro Sula.

Shuttle Bus

Pricier but you get there faster and with less hassles. This is your best option, not only because we provide this service but for the time and hassle that you will save. You also get to see the countryside and you can request photo stops if you see any point of interest. Please request ahead of time as bus cannot stop immediately. 


Expensive and you won’t save that much time

If you have any question please email us or fill out the contact form. Remember the larger your group the bigger your savings!

Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon