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Guacamayos shuttle la ceiba to leon

Here at Guacamayos Tour Services we strive to provide our passengers and guests the best value for there money. Very soon we will be providing 7 day shuttle bus from La Ceiba to Leon and vice versa with a more comfortable bus.

We also have dive school with our sister company Parrot Dive CenterThe best dive center in Utila.

Want to stay in La Ceiba, we have our sister Hotel Guacamayos Backpacker and Hostel Guacamayos. Every place for your budget. while in Ceiba enjoy rafting down the Cangrejal River, hiking up to Bejuco Falls or a day trip to Cayos Cochinos.

This New Year has a lot of surprises for our customers, stay tuned for many good things to come



First shuttle La Ceiba to Leon 2017

shuttle la ceiba to leon


Our first trip of the year from La Ceiba to Leon was a great success. We hope that the following trips will be as good and that our passengers will be happy with the low cost and service.

El primer viaje del año a León fue todo un éxito esperamos que sea un año lleno de bendiciones y de frutos para nuestra empresa siempre


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Enjoying a beer on the way from La Ceiba to Leon

shuttle la ceiba to leon


Enjoying a beer on the way from La Ceiba to Leon at the D & D Brewery at Lake Yojoba. Stop by and enjoy a delicious lunch and try the craft beers. One of the benefits of taking the shuttle to Leon with Guacamayos Shuttle Service

If you wish to stop and stay a few days you can take the shuttle from here to continue your trip to Leon. All passengers have a 10% discount when staying at the brewery.

Honduras has many beautiful places for you to stop and visit, book with us and we can take you there with our excellent service at the best prices. Call today if you need a private shuttle


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Rafting Rio Cangrejal

Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

Rafting Rio Cangrejal con Hotel Guacamayos es lo mejor que puedes escoger con su personal al buscar información sobre el tours de rafting ellos la facilitan con toda la amabilidad de el mundo ya que para ellos la satisfacción del cliente es primero al realizar el rafting con Hotel Guacamayos te sentirás muy feliz ya que la experiencia es  única al hacer la actividad y se siente la adrenalina cuando vas por los rápidos se recibe una breve capacitación de unos siete minutas para enseñar la manera de como se debe de actuar dentro de la balsa con las demás personas y el guía que lo acompaña en todo el trayecto del tours se pueden hacer saltos desde rocas de mas de 30 metros de altura allí es donde empiezas a sentir la adrenalina cuando ves así abajo y te pones a dudar entre saltar o no saltar y por tu misma adrenalina lo intentas y luego te dan ganas de volver hacer hay diferentes puntos donde puedes saltar desde rocas en todo el recorrido el rafting se realiza en la cuenca del Rio Cangrejal.

Se parte del hotel a las siete de la mañana para estar temprano en la cuenca se recibe un almuerzo en la cuenca al terminar el tours que consta de una pasta alemana

El rafting es una actividad muy buena para las personas que les gusta la adrenalina

Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

Taking the shuttle from Leon to La Ceiba to dive at Utila

Guacamayos Utila Dive School

Taking the shuttle from Leon to La Ceiba to learn to dive at Utila. Guacamayos now offers  diver training at our partner dive school in Utila. By booking your courses with us you not only save money on your shuttle bus, you also SAVE money diving. Your accommodations are also included in the price.

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19/12/16 shuttle from La Ceiba to Leon

Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

Another day another full shuttle with happy passengers. Just a friendly reminder that the cab from the ferry to the hotel where the shuttle leaves is not included. A delicious breakfast can also be ordered in terrace of the hotel while we wait for passengers from Roatan and load the mini bus. You can also take a to use the ATM near the hotel if you are short of cash for the Nicaraguan Immigration card and fee. We have 2 official stops one for lunch at the D&D Brewery at lovely Lake Yojoba and at the border. If you need a stop for bathroom please tell the driver a few minutes ahead of time. 

Please be aware of construction delays on the Nicaraguan border, they are currently repaving two trams and depending on the arrival we could be delayed for a bit. The official stop of the bus is at Sonati in Leon. If you need lodging there we will be happy to arrange it for you. 

Passengers who are travelling further south, if you need help with arranging transport we will be happy to assist you. Please inform the rep at front desk so they can arrange this for you and your transport be awaiting for you upon arrival in Leon. Note: this service depends on the arrival time at Leon.

As always we at Gucamayos Tour Services do our best in order to provide you with excellent service and that when you arrive at you destination it is with a smile. If you have any suggestions on ho to improve our service please feel free to contact me and we will work to improve or implement your idea. 

We hope to you enjoy your trip with us and that we someday in the future we will be able to provide you with many happy memories

Shuttle La Ceiba to LeonGuacamayos Shuttle Service Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon Guacamayos Shuttle Service Guacamayos Shuttle Service Guacamayos Shuttle Service Guacamayos shuttle la ceiba to leon


Constructions delays La Ceiba to Leon and vice versa

Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

Good Morning!

Just a heads up to all there is currently constructions delays La Ceiba to Leon and vice versa. There are two trams under repair at the Nicaraguan border. This construction should be finished sometime after New Years. We apologize for the inconvenience but taking the other route will increase the cost of the shuttle. If all pax are willing to split the difference in the additional cost, then we can take the longer route to avoid the construction delays.

Again we apologize for the inconvenience and hope you will enjoy the journey

Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

Guacamayos Air Shuttle

Guacamayos Air Shuttle

Guacamayos Air Shuttle

All birds belong in the sky and with great pleasure we would like to announce a new service to provide you with the usual best in class service you have come to expect from Guacamayos Tour services. 

We now provide air shuttle service between la Ceiba and the following routes:

  • La Ceiba-Utila-La Ceiba
  • La Ceiba-Trujillo-La Ceiba
  • La Ceiba-San Pedro Sula-La Ceiba
  • La Ceiba-Tegucigalpa-La Ceiba
  • Aerial Tour of La Ceiba

Fully trained staff with full documentation and permits.

Advantages of taking a shuttle flight is we leave at your convenience , up to 5 passengers, you can split the difference with your group. 

If you need to go to go to a city not listed, call or email us and we will provide you with a quote. 

Guacamayos Air Shuttle Guacamayos Air Shuttle Guacamayos Air Shuttle Guacamayos Air Shuttle Guacamayos Air Shuttle


D&D Brewery

D&D Brewery

After a successful trial run we would like to announce that the D&D Brewery is our official stop on the way to Leon.


D&D Brewery, Lodge, and Restaurant is located in the Lake Yojoa region of Central Honduras in the rural village of Los Naranjos. We’re within walking distance of Los Naranjos Ecological Park and Bio-Parque Finca Paradise, a private reserve. Also nearby are two large national parks: Cerro-Azul Meambar NP and Santa Barbara Mountain NP.

We usually have anywhere from 4-6 beers on tap produced on site! We also carry a number of imported craft and specialty beers from around the world. From classic ales and fruit-infused inventions, we guarantee a break from bland national beers found elsewhere. Beer not your thing? We have a well-stocked bar for all tastes—and be sure to try our homemade, gourmet sodas!

Amenities consist of a full-service restaurant, tap room, free high-speed WiFi, Netbook rental, guidebooks, laundry service, book exchange, free information on activities in the area including maps, and a swimming pool! We accept all major credit cards and even U.S. dollars.

D&D Brewery D&D Brewery D&D Brewery