Extra shuttle from Leon to La Ceiba

shuttle la ceiba to leon

Due to the increase in demand we are adding a additional bus from La Ceiba to Leon La Ceiba. This will run every Monday Wednesday and Fridays. Contact us for additional information.


shuttle leon to utila

Summer is here, and we are full

Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

Good day all,

Just a FYI we are currently in high season for the next two months and most of all our seats are already booked. We apologize for ay inconvenience as renting a extra bus during this season is extremely difficult.


Important Nicaragua Immigration Update

Important Nicaragua Immigration Update

If you are a Traveler from or  visitor from one the following countries:

  • Panama
  • Colombia
  • Argentina
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Brasil
  • Bolivia
  • Ecuador
  • Venezuela
  • French Guyana
  • Continental Africa

You will need a international certificate of vaccination for yellow fever if you wish to enter Nicaragua. You must receive the vaccination 10 days prior of entry for it to be valid. Click for more info



Nicaraguan Immigration

Easiest bus from La Ceiba, Honduras to Leon, Nicaragua

Guacamayos shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

The easiest bus from La Ceiba, Honduras to Leon?

You just found it!

We depart three time a week and a low cost of $35.00. Our bus has cold A/C DVD movies and WiFi when available. Our driver stops whenever you request a break and helps you with the immigration procedures leaving Honduras and entering Nicaragua.

Why pay more? With your saving you can stay a few extra days in Leon or have a nice dinner.

Book your trip with us and enjoy your savings in Leon

Shuttle from Leon to La Ceiba Shuttle from Leon to La Ceiba



Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

Shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

Another trip from La Ceiba to Leon. We leave every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays to Leon. Book your trip online or pay at our sales points in Utila.

Please remember that the taxi from the ferry to the Hostel to catch the bus is not included. We are working on able to get to pick you up directly at the dock.

Also note that there is no cost to leave Honduras but you will pay 12 USD to enter Nicaragua. you passport is not stamped, you will receive a Tourist Card. Please do not lose it or you will be fined.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us

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Nicaragua Immigration Fees

Guacamayos shuttle La Ceiba to Leon

Hello all

Just a friendly reminder of the Nicaraguan immigration fees for entering and exiting Nicaragua.

  • 10 USD for Tourist Card
  • 2 USD Immigration fee
  • If you are a citizen from Colombia or Peru you will require a 50 USD Visa fee and a 10 USD surcharge
  • If you are a citizen of Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica there is a delay for processing and also a 5 USD surcharge to your shuttle price
  • If you have a visa stamp from the following countries there will be a delay and a 10 USD surcharge: China, Iran,

Thank you for your understanding

For more information you can click on the link below.




Guacamayos Tour Services

Guacamayos shuttle la ceiba to leon

Here at Guacamayos Tour Services we strive to provide our passengers and guests the best value for there money. Very soon we will be providing 7 day shuttle bus from La Ceiba to Leon and vice versa with a more comfortable bus.

We also have dive school with our sister company Parrot Dive CenterThe best dive center in Utila.

Want to stay in La Ceiba, we have our sister Hotel Guacamayos Backpacker and Hostel Guacamayos. Every place for your budget. while in Ceiba enjoy rafting down the Cangrejal River, hiking up to Bejuco Falls or a day trip to Cayos Cochinos.

This New Year has a lot of surprises for our customers, stay tuned for many good things to come



First shuttle La Ceiba to Leon 2017

shuttle la ceiba to leon


Our first trip of the year from La Ceiba to Leon was a great success. We hope that the following trips will be as good and that our passengers will be happy with the low cost and service.

El primer viaje del año a León fue todo un éxito esperamos que sea un año lleno de bendiciones y de frutos para nuestra empresa siempre


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Enjoying a beer on the way from La Ceiba to Leon

shuttle la ceiba to leon


Enjoying a beer on the way from La Ceiba to Leon at the D & D Brewery at Lake Yojoba. Stop by and enjoy a delicious lunch and try the craft beers. One of the benefits of taking the shuttle to Leon with Guacamayos Shuttle Service

If you wish to stop and stay a few days you can take the shuttle from here to continue your trip to Leon. All passengers have a 10% discount when staying at the brewery.

Honduras has many beautiful places for you to stop and visit, book with us and we can take you there with our excellent service at the best prices. Call today if you need a private shuttle


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